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Development of powder packaging machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2020-09-02

Release time: August 6, 2020
Powder packaging machine can not only improve productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also adapt to the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of cleaning and hygiene, making powder packaging machinery in the field of food processing has an indispensable position. At the end of 1970s, China's powder packaging machinery industry began to start, with an annual output value of only 70 million yuan and more than 100 kinds of products. Today, it is predicted that by 2015, China's paper packaging products will reach 3600 tons. In 2000, there will be as many as 3700 kinds of products with an annual value of 30 billion yuan.

At present, China's powder packaging machinery industry is no longer the same, China has become the world's largest commodity production and export country, at the same time, the global attention is also focused on the rapid development, large-scale, potential Chinese packaging market. The greater the opportunity, the stronger the competition. Although the product level of China's powder packaging machinery industry has risen to a new level, the trend of large-scale, complete set and automation begins to appear, and the equipment with complex transmission and high technical content also appears. It can be said that China's machinery production has met the basic domestic needs, and began to export to Southeast Asia and the third world countries.

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