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Powder packaging machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2020-09-02

Superfine powder packaging machine is a bag packaging machine for ultra-fine powder, organized several aerodynamics experts, after several months of hard research and development, it can completely replace the imported packaging equipment, solve the problems of gas-solid materials in the package, can eliminate the gas in the powder, reduce the packaging volume, and improve the packaging efficiency.
This product is widely used in petrochemical industry, non-metallic mineral industry, fine chemical industry, building materials, additives, inorganic salts, rubber, plastics, fertilizer, starch, flour, etc.
Packaged powdery materials: silica, ultrafine silica, talcum, kaolin, ultrafine calcium carbonate, pyrophyllite, iron oxide red, bauxite, powdery pigment, carbon powder, powdered dye, activated carbon, dye intermediate, dispersant, aluminum hydroxide, ceramic powder, PE powder, starch, copy powder, sodium sulfate, alumina, graphite, magnesium powder, cemented carbide powder, activated carbon Carbon black, titanium dioxide, chlorinated polyethylene, PVC, additives, PP powder, etc

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