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Problems encountered in powder packaging machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2020-09-02

Powder packaging machine is a kind of equipment in packaging machinery, which is aimed at powder, powder and other products. Because these products are composed of relatively fine dust, there will be some waves in the production process. Therefore, it is very important to make the production of powder products and reduce the dust flying. What are the problems in powder packaging?

After many times of powder packaging machine test, it is found that there are some problems in the packaging of dyes. If these problems are not handled properly, they will directly affect the packaging quality. If the automatic verification system is set up, will there be any changes?

When packing dyes, one operator is still needed to assist the equipment to finish the operation together. For example, the empty cartons are put in, the inner bags are packaged and the buttons are activated, which require manual work. Moreover, the spiral feeding method can grind the fine dye into powder. On the one hand, adding load will burn the motor, on the other hand, it may damage the dye quality.

The heat sealing method used in other powder packaging machines has the problem of poor quality in actual use. It may be due to the fact that when vacuum pumping is used, the dye dust is accidentally sucked up and adhered to the sealed inner bag, and the temperature is high during heat sealing, so the dye cannot be vaporized and removed, which will lead to poor heat sealing quality.

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