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Use and notice of automatic bagging machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2020-12-08

1) The operator of the equipment should not operate the machine after drinking to avoid danger.

2) The equipment should be placed on the flat and hard ground. Before starting, the fastening 0 parts of the machine should be carefully checked for loosening, falling off or collision damage caused by transportation.

3) Remove the special-purpose tool bag distributed in the mixing barrel of the bagging machine, and carefully check whether the tool is missing in the barrel;

4) The power cord of the equipment shall be connected with leakage protector and grounded safely and safely, and the diameter of the power cord shall be checked to be above the standard of 2.5m2.

5) Check whether the model of the bacterial bag ready for use is correct and whether the length is in accordance with the model.

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