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Type of ultrafine powder packing machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-02-21

Type of ultrafine powder packing machine

Ultra-micro powder packaging machine is mainly divided into 3 categories (open pocket series)

1. High precision ultra-fine powder packing machine (lifting type)

Suitable for:, the machine is mainly for easy dispersion of ultrafine powder and high precision packaging requirements and the development and design, according to the weight of the containers in the following the signal of sensor are given complete double speed (speed) filling, the measurement and lifting work, suitable for packing additives, zeolite powder, graphite powder, gap filling agent, carbon powder, dry powder fire extinguishers and other superfine powder, and the precision requirement of powder, etc.

2. Superfine powder packing machine (drum type)

3. Superfine powder packing machine (explosion-proof)

Superfine powder packing machine (degassing type)

5. The ultrafine powder packing machine is mainly used for the metering packaging of ultrafine powder open bag, and the strong ox secondary filter device, the packing speed can reach 60~100 packets/hour. The precision is better than 2‰, can be used for 300~3000 mesh ultra fine powder measurement packaging.

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