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Superfine powder packing machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-02-21

Superfine powder packing machine
Superfine powder vacuum packing machine is mainly for the ultra-fine powder using the vacuum chamber and the pressure difference between the feeding device into the vacuum room bag, the packaging process is all closed, to achieve the effect of no dust around, in order to achieve the effect of zero gas in the bag. Widely used powder are: silica, pigment carbon black, carbon black, nano powder, light calcium, PVC calcium, nano calcium, light barium sulfate, precipitate barium sulfate, ultrafine talcum powder, silicon powder and other ultrafine powder packaging.
Product features:
1. The vacuum chamber can withstand a very strong vacuum (minus 40KPa). In the case of strong vacuum, the packing speed is fast, and there is zero gas in the packing bag.
2. Wading control system with intelligent digital display vacuum instrument monitoring system, control feeding automatic valve control system, can control the weight of packaging. 3. The control system adopts PLC program control, which realizes less external components, simple operation and low failure rate of equipment.
4. Under the condition of full vacuum closure, the packaging can be completed once and no dust operation can be realized.
5. It can be equipped with explosion-proof control system according to the material condition on site (such as conductive material).

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