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Bag powder packing machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-09-29

Automatic bag powder packing machine is designed and manufactured for powder, superfine powder and other materials.
Principle and characteristics:
1, automatic bag powder packing machine is specially designed for powder, ultrafine powder and other materials, can automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, nitrogen filling, coding, bag cutting and other work.
2, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, especially suitable for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, anti-corrosion chemical products and other packaging requirements.
3. The filling adopts servo motor to drive the screw, which has the advantages of accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, large torsion, long life, adjustable speed and good stability.
4, mixing with Taiwan production of maintenance reduction motor: low noise, long life, lifelong maintenance free.
5, fully sealed air resistance glass stainless steel composite material box, material at a glance, dust does not leak.
6, the use of intelligent temperature controller, temperature control within 3 degrees.
7, non-stop can be directly on the touch screen to adjust the sealing and cutting position, correction deviation, etc..
8, the use of unique mechanical transmission mode, the structure and its simple, good stability, strong overload capacity.

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