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Super fine powder vacuum packing machine

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2021-11-02

Components: vacuum pump, negative pressure irrigation, vacuum chamber, bag filter, inner cavity mold, weighing system, vacuum system, vacuum proportional valve control system, etc. Working principle: the pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the feeding device is inhaled into the vacuum indoor bag, which is weighed by the vacuum proportional control valve. Now the powder is packed in a sealed vacuum. Product highlights: It can completely solve the problem of zero gas in the packaging bag, and complete the packing process without dust in the closed area. Product features: full vacuum suction, can bear 90Kpa negative pressure vacuum chamber negative pressure monitoring, vacuum chamber mold is adjustable, vacuum chamber door automatically open and close. System integration: PLC program control, man-machine interface operation, intelligent digital display vacuum instrument monitoring, weighing module measurement. Target users: pigment carbon black, acetylene carbon black, active carbon black, precipitation method of silica, stearate, nano light calcium, active powder, gas-containing powder with large volume and light weight.

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