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Mai Jie sales staff experience

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2016-06-08

Sales and customer communication is the main. As a sales staff, dealing with the most is the customer, if you want to become a good sales staff, to understand the psychological needs of customers is the key to winning. This is the first performance for more than ask, listen to, from ask and listen to understand the customer's mind.
Many sales training tend to emphasize sales personnel from the enterprise of explain their ideas and products, to persuade customers to buy, rather than through the analysis of customer response to solve the customer's problem, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. The customer's response is more important than the salesman's discussion, which is the sales staff to communicate with customers should be clear before. So how to make the sales staff to respond to it?
Method for responding to customer
In fact, in the process of communication with customers, you allow customers to say more, he tends to like you. If you are only a person in the endless, no matter how wonderful you speak, customer acceptance is limited, therefore, in the sale of communication, you have to ask the customer questions.
To say, but also to ask
Why do you always feel passive in a sales conversation? The reason is often that you are always saying, and your customers are always asking questions. Customers have been asking, is to explore your bottom line. In fact, you do not necessarily know what the customer is really concerned about, the main problem in where, because you do not ask. The client is talking to you, hoping you can give advice in a professional field. You should be like a doctor, diagnosis of the status quo, and the best way to diagnose is to have a strategic question.

In short, to allow customers to say more, through his response to explore its real problems and the reasons for the purchase. It is a communication rule that every person who aspire to become a top selling person should always keep in mind.

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