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Packaging machinery assembly knowledge

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2016-06-08

Assembly is in strict accordance with the standards and processes, the use of appropriate tools, equipment, will be qualified to carry out the necessary coordination and connection of the parts, packaging machinery manufacturing and maintenance is an important part of the process. The improvement degree of assembly process and the level of assembly operation directly affect the quality and service life of the equipment.
Assembly process is the key to master the following links:
1, according to the standard and standard operation
For each machine we have worked out the assembly work instruction, the assembly worker must operate according to the instruction book. Such as every step implementation, matching parts, pressure, tightening sequence and distance; overhaul gear must be replaced in pairs; some interference fit or transition with must be under the conditions of a part of a pressure or frozen assembly.
2, clean
Must maintain the work place, the measuring tool, the implement, the spare parts and the entire working process clean. To assemble all the parts and components must be clean, all oil, gas and water channel and technological hole should be smooth, all mechanical parts, tools, the assembly process of the low value consumables and connecting parts, standard parts should be placed in a clean table, shelf or in the oil pan, prior to assembly to cleaning of parts, wash immediately after use compressed air to blow, the assembly process smear or lubricating oil.
3, tool use
Improper use of tools in assembly work will cause deformation or internal stress, resulting in unnecessary damage, damage, and even lead to rework, directly affect the production schedule, quality and service life of the machine. Assembly process must have some kinds of special tools, such as a slight knock non-ferrous metal alloy parts with the wooden hammer, press will gear sleeve into gear, if the switch to hand percussion, often reduce the quality of assembly, and even cause damage.
4 positioning and benchmarking
Packaging machinery and other machinery, complex structure, some parts between the precise relative position requirements, for parts with this feature must in the assembly carefully examine and verify, do the assembly mark, overhaul in the disintegration of the parts should carefully identify and test components related markers. If there is a vague, must be engraved with clear mark, can be disassembled to facilitate the smooth operation of the assembly.
5 assembly sequence
Assembly work must be carried out in accordance with the demolition of the decomposition of the contrary, each parts, components and parts of the adjacent parts of the relationship and assembly direction can not be mistaken. In the process of assembly should be particularly careful not missing part, even if is thin gasket or a tiny screw it must not be ignored. This requires the assembly staff is very familiar with the structure of the parts, to develop a regular pattern of decomposition of the combination, the parts were stored in the habit of. General assembly work should follow the "first down, after the first inside, after the first stupid light, the first fine after the general" principle.

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