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Packaging enterprises advance with the times

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2016-06-08

Enterprises want to develop, behind closed doors is not desirable, want to use the Internet, micro channel technology and other communication tools, going out, please come in, a comprehensive understanding of the trend of today's world situation and domestic and international market development, size up the situation, advancing with the times, and others do not like the innovation and development of the road.
Paper packaging companies want to have the future, "the new trend of market development" is undoubtedly a key point, for example:
1, the packaging of the Internet
2, the Internet fast consumer goods express packaging business
3, "The Belt and Road" development strategy
4, Asia Investment Bank Development Strategy
5, 2025 development strategies, etc..
Enterprises to continuous learning, the use of the Internet, micro channel technology and other means of communication, but also to go out, please come in, a comprehensive understanding of the situation of the world, to understand the trend of the rapid development of the domestic and foreign markets, to understand a variety of information, foreign participation in the forum, visit the exhibition at home and abroad, size up the situation, advancing with the times, go and others do not like the innovation and development of the road.
The upgrading of product packaging production and processing technology and equipment materials
Have a certain accumulation of enterprises, must be in the production and processing technology and equipment automation, digital, intelligent above willing to invest, for the "China made 2025", as the representative of the industry's advanced enterprises.
Enterprises should pay special attention to the application of digital printing technology in paper packaging, packaging and printing, intelligent packaging. The Hexing packaging, Fushan paper purchased HP high-end digital ink-jet printing machine, aimed at the age of the Internet people great individuation, difference, fashion demand, the production of customized products for the modern FMCG market, shopping malls, supermarkets, wedding, large culture, movies, entertainment and other various marketing competition, providing unique, fast and convenient, high quality, high additional value to the service. Shanghai Ruishi Chong exhibition Printing Co., Ltd. in this domain is also an outstanding representative, it has become a collection of paper products and creative packaging design, printing, production of integrated service providers.
Digital intelligent packaging application
At present, the digital Internet RFID radio frequency identification technology and RFID technology has been fully applied in the field of social life and packaging.
China made 2025, can not be separated from the Internet of things RFID technology, can not be separated from smart packaging. Intelligent packaging is a set of sensors, color, pattern (electronic label) as a whole, with visualization, efficiency, safety and service of the four characteristics.
1, visualization, can be electronic scanning, recourse such as product introduction, date of delivery, quality, etc..
2, efficient, easy to check the product inventory, operations, cutting and shortening the time of payment.
3, security, mainly to improve the safety of goods circulation, security, security and product certification management.
4, service, improve customer service quality, and promote the recycling of waste.
Among them, the intelligent packaging of electronic labels, trademarks of the production of digital inkjet printing machine to make, digital packaging and printing with the perfect combination of intelligent. Large coffee industry -- Jinjia shares acquisition of Chongqing Wang Jin printing, Mei Ying Sen plans in Dongguan, Chongqing established smart factory, Xiamen he Xing acquired Wellcome joint wisdom science and technology, Stora Enso and NXP semiconductor cooperation development of intelligent packaging. There is no doubt that the vision of the packaging printing entrepreneurs have been looking at the future of intelligent manufacturing mode, to invest, occupy the commanding heights.
Altogether, as long as the enterprises have the talent, have the financial resources, technology, product brand, pay attention to quality, excellence, Ganpin, dare, dare to challenge, advancing with the times, innovation and development, it will become the advanced manufacturing paper packaging and printing industry in China. On the contrary, it will face a crisis of survival, faced with out of the game.

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