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Plus and minus crack courier packaging

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2016-06-08

Product packaging can play a good role in the protection of goods, so that goods in transit to ensure that intact. However, the final product packaging or in the form of garbage as a result, so a series of problems, especially the courier package.
Recently, CCTV news channel, the courier industry, where the popular packaging garbage to the report, so that the courier packaging waste problem once again aroused public attention. In fact, in dealing with the issue of express packaging, different people have different troubles. Hand chop party want to let "baby" with "iron shirt", and home mountain express package trouble, throw or don't throw? Stores worry express the way goods damaged will be more than a few packets of layer, but for high cost dearly, package or bag? Express company in the face of all kinds of packing only Haowang "package" helplessly, recovery or recycling? Voice of the parties triggered people's thinking and express package how to crack the problem? And foreign express delivery companies merit.
With a system of compulsory green packaging and environmental protection
To make packaging recycling is an effective way to reduce waste and reduce pollution, but it is not easy to implement. In some developed countries, the problem as early as 90's in the last century has been revealed. Many countries have enacted relevant policies and regulations on the recycling of packaging waste has made mandatory provisions.
The United States from the last century 90's began to pay attention to green packaging. In order to improve the recovery of enthusiasm, the United States around the government in accordance with the level of enterprise packaging recycling rates appropriate to exempt enterprises related taxes. At the same time, the United States is still in the "resource conservation and recycling law" to reduce the consumption of packaging materials, and recycling of packaging waste recycling". At present, the United States has formed an industrial operation in the recycling of packaging waste, not only improve the environment, improve the utilization of resources, but also provide a lot of employment opportunities.
In laws and regulations to clear the responsibilities of the parties, is conducive to the operation of waste recycling system and accountability, Germany's approach is very prominent. In 1991, Germany introduced "packaging waste management approach", packaging waste management is proposed to be made in accordance with the "reduction, reuse, recycling and final disposal" order, and set different packaging waste recovery targets and timeframes, mandatory requirements packaging manufacturers and distributors jointly responsible for the recovery of packaging. The approach has also developed a packaging waste from the collection to final disposal of the quantitative criteria, such as the provisions of the 80% of packaging waste and 100% of the transport packaging must be recycling the packaging process each link has a specific standard can depend on. In 1997, Germany and the introduction of "recycling recycling law", in addition to packaging manufacturers, in addition to the transport, agents, wholesalers, retailers must also be responsible for the recovery of packaging.
Other EU countries have also enacted laws and regulations on packaging recycling. France, for example, in 1994, the introduction of the "packaging waste transport act," clearly stipulates that consumers have the obligation to scrap the initiative to the manufacturer or retailer recycling processing. In Holland's "packaging treaty", the special requirements of enterprises to pay part of the cost to support the implementation of the national environmental protection plan.
In Asia, Japan's approach is worth learning from. It is not only the development and implementation of the "energy conservation and promotion of recycling law", "packaging recycling law", but also committed to the construction of recycling system. Japan is encouraging in the territory of the establishment of a large number of recycling station, consumer packaging waste classification, collection and transportation system of Japan's classification of packaging waste by timing recovery, a collection of transfer, etc., transportation to specialized processing center recycling, remanufacturing process.
A little less to achieve sustained and cyclic packaging supplies
For the express package appropriate "burden" from the source to control pollution, reduce the load of logistics system. Express packaging most of the two packaging, packaging should be completed in the completion of its protection of goods from the function of the damage on the basis of transport, as far as possible to reduce the printing process and packaging process. Packaging producers need to start from the whole process of packaging life cycle to design packaging, go to numerous and simple, practice the concept of low carbon environmental protection.
FedEx packaging design is a simple design of the representative, only in the packaging bag (box) printed on the federal express logo, with the most simple direct layout to emphasize the company's brand image. The whole set of design emphasizes the systematic, simple and unique. Such creative packaging not only to achieve the purpose of attracting consumers to convey the product, as well as to establish the effect of brand recognition, but also as much as possible to reduce the use of supplies. UPS has strict requirements on packaging standardization, which is conducive to the packing, transportation and storage, so as to make its express system more green, more reasonable.
UPS pay attention to carry on the reformation of the express package, that the packing can apply to the transport of large-scale and intensive, can effectively reduce the packaging unit, save materials and cost, to improve the loading and unloading, handling, storage, transport operation efficiency. UPS also independently developed and used environmental protection materials, improve the utilization of materials, in order to achieve the purpose of environmental protection. In the packaging inspection and design services, UPS also increase investment, which is located in the database of Chicago service center, seismic, anti squeeze, anti leak, such as a variety of packaging case. Service Center has also been designed to form a crystal insulation layer of packaging, to provide a constant temperature protection of the transport of candy, chocolate. Scientific packaging design for enterprises to save material costs and transportation costs, reduce the use of supplies, to achieve environmental protection and customer savings in the cost of a win-win.
In addition to the package

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