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MJ-Super fine powder valve port scale

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2016-06-08

The high quality of the project is based on the characteristics of the process, rather than the automation of the equipment to determine the final design. In the process of definition, the key factors to be considered are the product and the packaging structure, the total production and the labor force.
1, the size of the product packaging structure of the product packaging design of ultra-fine powder body scale product packaging design directly affects the form and material processing of automatic transfer operator.
Product / packaging structure size, shape, material and weight will determine the end of the structural design of the manipulator and automatic load requirements.
The design features of packaging structures with complex shapes, such as elliptical containers are more difficult than the standard round or rectangular packaging.
Directional demand increases the complexity of the system and should be carefully studied and analyzed before treatment and implementation.

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