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MJ-Selection of fertilizer packing scale

Source: [seo:selfurl]Release time: 2016-06-08

Selection of fertilizer packing scale
Wuxi maijie Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production and development of LCs series computer quantitative packing scale manufacturers, the product coverage throughout all over the country and exported to foreign countries, can be widely used in food, feed, food, light industry, chemical industry industry, by customers welcome. The series packing scale is composed of mechanical device and microcomputer control system. Mechanical device including feeding mechanism, electronic scales body, a clamping bag mechanism, joint charter and lifting mechanism and belt conveying gas equipment, pneumatic components etc.; control system comprises a load sensor and intelligent weighing instrument and PLC program controller. A mobile mobile packaging machine and manual type fixed plate, convenient and flexible movement. The series packaging scales have been issued a production license: (Su) word 00000098.
This series of products in addition to artificial bagging, the speed of feeding, quantitative, clip bag, unloading bag using PLC program control, in addition to switch, indicator light, relay and other electrical components have been reduced to the minimum degree. Mobile package scale does not contain relay components, ensure that the action is absolutely reliable. Import intelligent instrument to achieve fast and slow feeding, control parameter setting, error alarm display, and can be equipped with automatic printout; equipped with counter records the number of packages, avoid falling loss; through the RS232 port and PC network communication function.
The series packing scale according to the feeding mode is divided into four kinds: a belt feed, feed mill granular and powder full price feed and oil refinery meal, etc. the weighing and packing suitable for. The belt feeding is not easy to cause the pellet feed to break. The second is auger feeding, which is suitable for in the flour mill flour and feed mill pre mixed powder feed weighing and packing; the third free fall feed to the flow of granular materials weighing packaging suitable for, as if to suppress feed, puffed pellet feed and rice, millet, sugar, plastic particles. The grain of wheat, corn, rice and beans and other grains should adopt special. Fourth kinds of special feeding methods, which are different from those mentioned above, are used for vibration feeding, weighing hopper and receiving hopper with automatic cleaning device. The powdery materials weighing packaging packaging scale suitable for small, slightly sticking of the.
The series packaging scale according to the installation form of fixed and mobile. Feed mill used packing scale is usually fixed, installed directly in the process; grain depots, docks, the packing scale is typically a mobile, using location is not fixed, the requirements of the mobile is convenient and flexible.
The series of packaging scales are divided into three kinds according to whether there is no scale hopper. The first one adopts double scale hopper, the advantages of the weighing speed is fast; the second uses a single scale hopper, the weighing speed is fast; the third uses the packing bag instead of the scale hopper, the weighing increases the jacket bag time, the weighing speed is slow.
The series packaging scale according to the size of the package, can be divided into constant packaging scale, the amount of packaging scales, a small amount of packaging scales and micro scale. The nominal weighing value of the constant packing scale is set as 50Kg/ package, and the weighing range is 20-50Kg/ package. 20-50Kg/ bags of moderate size, easy to pile up, easy to transport, so the largest amount of this packaging scale. The rated weighing value of the medium scale package scale is set as 25Kg/ package, and the weighing range is 10-25Kg/ package. The packing scale is suitable for the weighing and packaging of the feed additive and the pre mixed feed. The rated weighing value of the small package scale is set as 5Kg/ package, and the weighing range is 2-5Kg/ package. The scale of micro package is rated as 1kg/ package. This kind of small scale, micro scale is mainly used for the weighing and packaging of the vitamins, minerals, medicines and other additives.

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